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Numerical Phantoms for Cardiovascular MR

MRXCAT is a framework for numerical simulation of cardiac MR. MRXCAT is based on the extended cardiac torso phantom (XCAT), which provides anatomical tissue masks and incorporates cardiac contraction and respiratory motion. MR properties such as tissue parameters, contrast and signal models, receive coils and noise are assigned in MATLAB. MRXCAT allows to simulate cardiac cine and myocardial perfusion MRI data.

MRXCAT is distributed in Matlab source code format to support its propagation for research purposes. Anyone is allowed to use the MRXCAT original and/or modified software for non-commercial purposes. If you publish research using MRXCAT, please cite the MRXCAT publication (1). Please do not share code derived from MRXCAT without permission of the MRXCAT authors.

To obtain the download links, please send an email with the subject "MRXCAT Download Link" and some details about you (name, institution) to .


Wissmann L, Santelli C, Segars WP, Kozerke S. MRXCAT: Realistic Numerical Phantoms for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2014;16:63.

Segars WP, Sturgeon G, Mendonca S, Grimes J, Tsui BMW. 4D XCAT phantom for multimodality imaging research. Med Phys 2010;37:4902–4915. (XCAT project website)



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